Consistency is key: 4 Tips to maintain brand consistency

March 14, 2023

Jayde Robertson

It’s not news to anyone, but education is a highly competitive industry, and in order to succeed, schools and institutions need to have a strong and consistent brand. Brand consistency is about more than just having a great logo or tagline - it's about creating a comprehensive image that sets you apart from the competition and resonates with your target audience.

So why is brand consistency so important in education marketing? It builds trust and recognition with potential students, families, and other stakeholders. When a brand consistently presents itself in a certain way across all touchpoints and channels, it becomes easier for people to remember and recognize it. This leads to higher levels of engagement, as well as a more substantial reputation overall.

Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to overlook brand consistency in a world governed by many marketing strategies available to promote your institution. As marketers, we spend our days chasing an endless to-do list. Too often, branding falls to the wayside, among other time-consuming tasks.

What is brand consistency?

It’s predictable.
It’s comfortable.
It’s home.

Brand consistency is like a warm embrace from an old friend. It's a feeling of safety, comfort, and familiarity that's always there for you, no matter where you go. Think of your favorite company and the emotions that come to mind when you see its logo, office, product packaging, or TV commercial. That's the magic of brand consistency! By maintaining a consistent image, tone, and messaging across all platforms, a company can create a solid and dependable brand that customers can trust and recognize, every time.

It's the glue that holds a brand's elements together, from its visuals to its messaging, making it a dependable and recognizable force in the marketplace. With consistency, customers or students know exactly what they're getting into - a brand they can trust and rely on, whether they're reading an email or scrolling through their social media feeds.

Why does it matter?

Everyone loves dependability.

Naturally, people are inclined to chase a comfort zone. A place where we feel safe. And there is a reason for that! Brand consistency is like a comfort zone for customers - it provides a sense of reliability and familiarity, and people are drawn to it because they know what to expect and feel a sense of security in the predictable outcomes.

Beyond the comfort of familiarity, brand consistency in education marketing is vital for these reasons:

- It builds trust
- It drives revenue and enrollment
- It nurtures and maintains great reputations

In an overcrowded market, with competition at every corner - brand consistency can set you apart from the rest.

How is it done?

Building a successful brand is all about connecting with your target audience and creating an authentic impression that inspires trust and loyalty. With consistent branding, you avoid confusing your market and missing out on valuable opportunities to generate leads and sales. By staying consistent in your visual appearance, messaging, and values, you create a comfortable, familiar environment where your customers can feel confident and connected, driving your business forward.

1. Set brand guidelines

Make sure every aspect of your brand, from the tone of voice to professional language, is on point and upheld by all members of your team. With a solid set of guidelines, you'll be well on your way to creating an authentic, memorable brand that connects with your audience. And don't just create these guidelines for the sake of it, make sure to enforce them for maximum impact. After all, 85% of organizations have brand guidelines, but only 30% see results because of inconsistent enforcement. Don't let your education brand fall into that statistic, make your policies the backbone of your branding strategy.

2. Host an internal branding masterclass

Who likes to waste their time in a long, drawn-out meeting when a quick email would suffice? We all know the feeling, but in education marketing, it's crucial that all members of your team understand your brand inside and out.

That's why a brand masterclass meeting is the ultimate solution. Invite your team and give them a complete rundown of the history, values, and tone of voice that make your education brand unique. Once your team is on the same page, keep the brand guidelines easily accessible and remind staff to reference them whenever they're representing your brand. No more confusion, no more mismatched marketing messages.

3. Share branding resources with your team

Arm them with a treasure trove of branding resources that cater to every touchpoint of your customer's journey. From eye-catching social media graphics to informative whitepapers, these resources will ensure a consistent and cohesive brand experience, leaving no room for confusion or uncertainty among potential customers. Empower your team to bring your brand to life and see your education marketing efforts soar!

4. Recycle your content

Bringing a touch of nostalgia to your education marketing campaigns is a surefire way to make a lasting impression on both old and new customers. By leveraging the tried-and-true tactics that have worked in the past, you tap into a sense of familiarity that builds trust and strengthens customer loyalty. The beauty of consistency is that it requires less effort on your part, yet yields long-term results.

Brand consistency is like a comfortable pair of jeans that you always wear on a night out with friends. No matter what you do, it just fits and feels right. It's the same for your brand, making sure it's consistent across all touchpoints and channels is the key to building a strong relationship with your customers. So, embrace your brand and show the world your consistency, because there's nothing more attractive than a brand that knows who they are and what they stand for.

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