Meta Adds New And Exclusive Content Options

April 21, 2023

Jayde Robertson

Meta’s looking to sweeten the deal for its creators by improving monetization and community building where possible. This time, Meta’s introducing a new subscriber-only feature that will better incentivize its users to sign-up and support creators through subscriptions.

Exclusivity is the word of the day 

First things first - Meta is introducing brand-new Subscriber Chats, giving creators the opportunity to organize private chat sessions with up to 30 individuals at once, creating a more private and intimate environment to foster community.

In order to invite people into an exclusive session where they may gain more knowledge and sustain connection, Subscriber Chats will be triggered via a new "join chat" sticker from your Facebook or Instagram story.

Meta explains, “Subscriber chats, powered by Messenger, can be created directly from your inbox or story and end automatically after 24 hours, so you can maintain balance and decide when and how you engage with your subscribers.”

It might be a good strategy to expand your subscriber base and give people who follow your profile more useful content. It's also important to note that Subscriber Chats will be available for both subscriber and non-subscriber stories, expanding the tool's potential applications.

On another front, producers can now make special posts and reels that are exclusively available to their members and that reside on their profiles.

Meta added exclusive Stories and Live broadcasts back in January, with these new additions providing another means to share unique content with your paying audience.

“While exclusive stories and live allow you to connect with subscribers at the moment, we know that content that lives on your profile is an important way to attract new subscribers and retain your community. Now you can create a world of exclusive content, from saving your subscriber lives to sharing feed posts and reels, knowing that your community can easily find it as soon as they subscribe.”

When combined -these new options will provide more ways for creators to add value to their subscription offers, which could help funnel more traffic toward their paid content. Meta, as with other platforms, is now working to monetize its top stars better to get more of them to spend more time on the app.

What do we think? 

It would seem that the long-term objective behind this is for content creators to drive the Metaverse transition by creating fresh virtual settings to draw in more people - which would mean more subscribers to the platform, not just the creator.  Right now, the focus is on creating monetization potential to win consumers from TikTok and YouTube. These additional choices offer extra options on this front and can be useful additions to help attract more paying customers.

It’s only natural that Meta would look for ways to profit off of its creators - it is a business after all! 

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