Who is Linda Yaccarino, and what can we expect from her being the new Twitter boss?

June 1, 2023

Roxanne Denman

Forget Netflix - Twitter has been our constant source of entertainment since April 2022. From Elon Musk acquiring 9% of their open market shares on April 5 to today, as he appoints Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO, Twitter has kept us on the edge of our analyzing seats. 

The joyride was a rollercoaster of emotions - from concern to amusement - and Elon entertained us with his seemingly on-a-whim theatrics. Twitter reminds us - even billionaires make mistakes - although if he were a mere mortal like us, he wouldn't get away with most of his highly-questionable actions. But lucky for us, expensive lawsuits aren't waiting around the corner of our every tweet.

Between slashing copious amounts of employees and making users pay for blue ticks (which backfired), the takeover has been anything but smooth - and rather quite controversial. We couldn’t keep up with the lawsuits, changes, fires, hires, and ultimately the penchant uncertainty that chased paying advertisers to other, less worrying platforms - seeing Twitter lose a chunk of revenue.  

Recently Musk announced that the platform is “roughly breaking even” and advertisers are returning - so, are we about to see the tumultuous tide turn?

If new hires are anything to go by - then yes, the ocean of uncertainty is about to become a sea of calm. While Elon sets to focus on product design and new technology, advertising veteran Linda Yaccarino steps away from NBCUniversal to take her place as CEO at Twitter. 

Exciting times, I tell you.  

Who is Linda Yaccarino?

The appointment is based on extensive merit - and paints a very bright picture of things to come for the controversial platform.

Linda Yaccarino is a seasoned media executive with a wealth of expertise. An alumna of Penn State University, she based her studies on liberal arts and telecommunications, thereafter pursuing a career as an advertising executive, 

Yaccarino solidified her marketing prowess at Turner Broadcasting System Inc. During her time at Turner, now Warner Bros, she held various roles which fine-tuned her capabilities - most notably her last one as Chief Operating Officer.

After Turner, Linda set her sights on NBCUniversal Media, joining the company in 2011, and overseeing the transformative merger between Comcast and NBC. 

And she is quite the moneymaker - leading her marketing team in making the illustrious media outlet an impressive $1 Billion.  

We are sure we could read about her for hours - but in our limited but extensive research, we see that Linda's success lies in her ability to rely on the basics: solid marketing strategies, mining revenue in advertising, a deep understanding of consumer behavior, and building and nurturing internal and external relationships.

Let’s make Twitter monetized again 

The new Twitter CEO's inherent talent lies in her exceptional eye for detail - incorporating her marketing strategy in big-picture decisions. She demonstrates remarkable business acumen and understands the operational aspects of the advertising industry - a target Elon seems to keep missing.  

Yaccarino's combination of strategic thinking and a keen understanding of the bottom line may have the power to lure back the advertisers that left the platform amid brand image concerns - fostering a notion of brand safety, something that's been missing from the platform since the buyout. 

Two birds, one Linda

We love having conversations about critical hiring standards - and Linda is a pillar of hope and inspiration in the employment arena.

Let's face it - Linda is a boss. 

Fighting two existential workplace threats - sexism and ageism - by hiring Linda, Elon shows us he can make good decisions by displaying his nature of innovation and leadership - which of late hides under an incredible amount of controversial bs. 

By appointing Linda, Musk acknowledges the wealth of expertise someone with Yaccarino's vast experience has to offer, shining a beacon of inclusivity at Twitter by allowing a woman to pave the innovative way for the company. 

Yaccarino is not the first woman he has appointed to run one of his companies. And it seems that Elon has done his homework - because research shows that women are better leaders during a crisis, the current situation that plagues Twitter. Nicely played, Elon.   

Innovation is the aim of the game

Both Linda and Elon are trailblazers and innovators. While Elon drives new product development, liberating himself of something he hates (he has spoken of his disdain for media and advertising), Linda can charge up the Twitter ad engine to get the platform running (and profitable) again. 

Linda and her marketing team paved the way to modernizing and heading up the digital transformation at NBCUniversal. Can she do it again? Yes, if Elon gives his new CEO some free rein to succeed.

Linda can save Twitter if she does what she seems to do best - that is, create impactful and innovative initiatives that are profitable and financially viable. 

What we think

Well, the new Twitter CEO has her work cut out for her. 

But with Yaccarino at the helm, Elon has given himself the best chance to financially recover from his setbacks and turn the “Twitter Advertising Exodus” around. We think she is the best chance Elon has at building X - “the everything app”. 

The proof is in the pudding, and we think that Linda has the recipe. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for Twitter 2.0.  

While the transformation at Twitter has kept us entertained, it's back to work for us. As education marketers, we are about to get serious regarding the value proposition Twitter is about to impose.

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