ALX Africa

Here’s how ALX Africa generated over 300k quality leads in a single campaign

Say hello to ALX Africa

The partnership between ALX and Pink Orange began in 2021. ALX entered the mix with great ambitions - to generate 5m leads in 12 months while keeping their CPL at a target below $1.80. At Pink Orange - we love a challenge, and we jumped at the opportunity to run their campaign.

The who

Where the future has no limits.

ALX Africa exists to create and nurture up-and-coming leaders in Africa while tackling and providing solutions to the ongoing unemployment crisis that the continent faces. With an ambitious mission to produce and develop 3 million youth leaders by 2035, ALX focuses on the in-demand, technology careers that support the kinds of digital transformation employers are required to make now and in the future. Their ambitions are supported by their belief that while talent is equally distributed - opportunity is not.

The challenge 

A campaign that backed the mission.

At Pink Orange, we deeply value education and the opportunities that a quality education can provide. We believe in its power - and our mission is to empower education companies globally to reach their goals. With that in mind, the challenge that ALX faced was not simple. The overarching problem that we needed to solve was how to create enough interest in the programs that ALX offers, so that prospective students could see the value that ALX would add to their lives - and their communities by extension. 

While efforts had been made to reach their student acquisition targets, it quickly proved to yield a lack of positive results. Since its product launch in December 2020, ALX had seen phenomenal week-on-week growth from its organic efforts, while generating a fair amount of interest in its program. That alone was not enough to support their enthusiastic goals. 

After an in-depth analysis of its account, mission, and goals - Pink Orange was ready to strategize its solution. Through analyzing their target audience and program details - we devised their solution. 

The solution

Leveraging the power of the digital world.

We quickly set out to define the solution by its goals - the plan was to devise and execute a targeted, paid lead generation campaign, aggressively targeting their audience on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google. Our strategy was tested, retested - and then reimplemented to ensure that ALX saw the ROI, and ROAS that they were after. 

We defined 5 audience segments per market, to ensure maximum visibility - at the right time, to the right audience, and on the right platform, all while testing multiple variables. 

Exhaustive testing of lead generation ads Vs. website conversion ads for each audience segment.

Goal-oriented creation and testing of multiple CTA’s for each audience segment - to better understand the readiness of the users to begin their journey with ALX, based on interest, demographic, and behavior. 

Design and testing of multiple ad creatives against each other to pinpoint the highest-converting ad theme.

Creation and testing of ad copy that highlighted the Pan-African focus of the program, increased employability, remote-work opportunities, increased salary within the Software Engineering space, as well as the payment options that ALX offers. 

The results of this comprehensive testing process allowed us to find winning combinations for each audience segment, and to create market-specific content based on our findings - all leading to increased engagement and conversion rates. 

The numbers 

Data is our friend. Without the numbers backing the campaign, it quickly loses its value.

Throughout our partnership with ALX, we saw tremendous growth, and were able to promptly prove the ROAS! 

  • 155 campaigns run across 30 African countries
  • 329 ad sets testing audience segments against each other
  • 4 799 ads run throughout the campaign 
  • Over 300 000 quality leads generated 
  • 1.95% average CTR on social
  • Target CPL below $1.80 

Timing is key.

As with any successful campaign, timing - and time-related efforts are crucial. We launched the initial test campaigns in January - and closed off the test phase at the end of February. Using the data that we collected, we were able to set up new, optimized campaigns. As the nature of paid lead generation calls for - we made room for continuous testing of multiple creatives, copy, and CTA’s - to ensure performance and results-driven campaigns throughout the relationship with ALX.