Find out how SchoolApply generated over 12m impressions while maintaining quality leads at a decreased CPL of 18.1%

Say hello to SchoolApply 

Approached by SchoolApply in 2018 - Pink Orange was presented with their challenge - how to increase quality leads, resulting in maximized, and valuable cohorts. Through optimization of all digital channels, targeted campaigns, and always keeping the end goal in mind - Pink Orange was able to not only solve their initial challenge but decrease their overall cost per (high-quality) lead. 

The who

SchoolApply, acquired by INTO in late 2021 - is an innovative platform that helps match students with higher education programs that best fit their needs and potential. Their ultimate goal is to take the bias out of the research and application process. SchoolApply provides information about schools - from educational focus to student life - to provide a complete picture. They then match that with each student's individual needs, taking into account their educational focus, test scores, cost, and other data to provide a much more comprehensive approach to matching students with great schools. Providing multiple career entry points, SchoolApply aims to turn education into an immersive experience, with the needs of their students met through a valued community. 

The challenge 

Quality leads | Prospect progression | Brand visibility

A partnership that began in 2018, SchoolApply and Pink Orange began their digital journey with a challenge that required a unique solution. The challenges that were faced can be broken down into 3 parts. While the challenge was not unique to SchoolApply, Pink Orange aimed to devise, and implement a strategy that would meet - and exceed their expectations, ensuring that they saw an ROI and ROAS - well into the future. 

  1. Increase quality leads 
  2. Maximize brand visibility 
  3. Convert prospects in the consideration & evaluation phase, into students via the sales funnel. 

After an exhaustive analysis of previous campaign efforts - Pink Orange dove in head first with a solution that would not only maximize visibility but increase the quality of leads generated through upcoming campaigns. As with any campaign, the overarching goal was to leverage insights obtained through data collection, optimize the creative output, and nurture leads through a high-level, high-quality sales funnel. 

The solution 

Lies in the problem…

At Pink Orange, we believe in the power of data - as a measurable asset, it’s the only true and reliable aspect of any brand account. Words can be misleading, however - numbers provide the truth. 

A phased approach was implemented, to ensure that all aspects of the objective were met while leveraging past data and campaign efforts to maximize effectiveness. 

Phase one included an in-depth analysis of all media accounts - this was done to ascertain the quality of leads that remained in the existing funnel, in the context of the current objective, to support and restructure existing campaigns, as well as to methodically close off non-successful campaigns, while strategically designing new ones. 

The initial data allowed the team at Pink Orange to prioritize the objectives of the account, and progress with a phased, objective-based solution based on time and resource requirements. 

The account analysis included aspects such as target identification, (and re-identification), as well as segmentation of existing students in the database. 

  • Create paid acquisition architecture for social campaigns
  • Launch new, strategized social campaigns 
  • Trial new channels 
  • Build and nurture a client-facing dashboard 

Through a combination of goal-oriented strategy, compelling copy, and appealing graphics, Pink Orange set out to restructure the account and its campaigns. Budgets were outlined, and a blueprint was created - one that would aim to meet all of the account objectives, while only allocating 10 creative hours per week. 

The numbers

Out with the old, and in with the new. 

Arguably the most satisfying aspect of this industry! Pink Orange leverages data - this is how, and why we can derive the results that prove ROI for our clients. 

During this campaign, results were continuously monitored, leaving room for creative improvement. Methods, channels, copy, and targets were analyzed regularly to ensure the effectiveness of the strategy. By creating country-specific content, and leveraging the creative freedom of the account - objectives were met. 

  • Almost doubled CTR for the account 
  • Decreased CPC by 13.25% 
  • Decreased CPL by 18.1% - while maintaining lead quality
  • The conversion rate remained steady throughout the campaign, at 11% 

The results of the campaign increased by an astonishing, 199% while generating 12, 907, 885 impressions - a staggering increase of 573.79%.