Pricing + Services


Digital consultancy services and trainings starting from £100/hour or project based agreements/monthly rates - based on what your business really needs.

Technology is rapidly changing, and the nuances of participation in digital marketing are changing with it. For smaller businesses or solo entrepreneurs, it can be challenging to keep up with all the latest and greatest tools available. From ways to measure progress to new social media sites, there’s always something to learn. Here are a few things we can help you with:

Account set-up - You are new to the advertising space and haven’t advertised your companies services yet. We help you set up all the accounts needed, instal tracking pixel on your website and set up your first campaigns.

Account audit - How have past campaigns been performing? Are we talking to the correct audience? What are current vs. desired conversion rates from impression to lead? Running a full account audit can help us understand your business better to make those campaigns work for you and come up with a tailored advertising strategy.

Lead quality check - You want your product to sell which is why we don’t just generate leads for you but rather analyse progression rates from lead form submission to sales to make sure your lead to sales conversion rates are as strong as possible.

Conversion optimisation - Optimisation goes hand in hand with lead quality check: If we see conversions not progressing we need to change something about either the targeting, the tone of voice, or maybe even the sales process. Analysing your conversion data allows us to optimise where necessary.

Strategy - Let us understand your sales goals so we can help you come up with a digital marketing and advertising strategy: Are we talking lead generation or brand awareness? What’s your brands tone of voice, your KPIs and who do you really want to talk to?— This helps us to come up with a strategy so you can meet your targets.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook | Instagram

  • Manage ad spending: We manage your spending with a focus on ROI.

  • Build Custom Audiences: We use your customer lists to create audiences with potential new customers and increase your ad reach.

  • Pixel implementation: We verify the Facebook pixel is installed and tracking your conversions correctly.

  • Set up remarketing: We help you re-reach the people who have visited your site if they haven’t converted into sales yet.

  • Dynamic product ads: Show product ads to people who viewed your product pages.

  • Advanced technology: we help you implement ad tech for advanced accounts.

  • Reporting: We monitor, analyse and report on your ad account so you know your spend and exact return on investment.

LinkedIn Advertising

  • LinkedIn Ad Strategy: We work with you to determine which buyer personas we should focus on and craft a strategy based on that.

  • Sponsored Content: Using LinkedIn’s dynamic targeting capabilities, we set up campaigns with the right ad types to get you in front of potential customers.

  • Sponsored InMail: SponsoredIn Mail is a great way to increase signups for an upcoming webinar/event or promote content assets to prospects.

  • Integrated Analytics: We integrate LinkedIn marketing with your other marketing platforms, as well as Google Analytics, in order to provide you with deeper insight into your visitor behaviour.