The state of AI in video marketing: The future of content creation is here

April 5, 2023

Roxanne Denman

It's me. Hi. I'm online again, it's me. (All of us, every day)

What exactly are we looking for? Words? Likes? Reels? What do we really want to see? 

We are only human, after all, and a slave to habits. Social media activates reward pathways with the enticing promise of our next hit. Shares, comments, and likes trigger our brain's sensitive dopamine reactors. We get high off the content on our screens, especially enjoyable when they get the algorithm right.   

Studies suggest that nothing connects us more than moving images - videos - triggering chemical reactions in our brains as the animations hit our retina. Why is it so powerful? 

Because, like a superpower, humans process videos 60,000 times faster than written words (even if you ARE a fast reader), with those visuals hitching a ride in our long-term memory bank. 

Instead of reaching for the remote, or the latest book we purchased, we are scrolling on our phones looking for… Wait, what were we looking for again? Enter the distractions: exciting or funny reels from someone we follow, the trusty algorithm, or paid ads. 

As education marketers, we know the value of videos and have leveraged this to produce content to enhance client success. This powerful form of engagement increases return on investment, boosts engagement, and ignites higher conversion rates. 

As avid video marketers (and watchers), we explore the state of AI in video marketing and discuss how it is shaping the future of content creation.

We are ready for it. Or are we? 

We like to think of ourselves as pioneers in the education marketing industry. So, of course, we had to try AI for ourselves.

Take a look. 

"We have so much valuable content to share. But the truth is, people don't like to read long ebooks and articles, instead everyone is looking for short, easy-to-digest content pieces." Xenia Muether, Founder, Pink Orange.

How did that video make you feel? Was it engaging? Did you listen to it until the end? Was the avatar an authentic approach to a human? Would you have preferred to read our free ebook version? 

Where AI is taking us 

To the moon. Well, maybe. 

Personalized marketing is vital to keeping your audience engaged. You need to tailor and curate messages to followers if you want them to listen. 

If the content is not personalized enough, you lose prospects. We must reach them in an authentic way to connect with them. Customization is an essential step in the evolution of AI if it wants to be successful in video marketing campaigns. 

AI is giving us insightful data and evolving in leaps and bounds. As investment in AI platforms grows, so will the ability for AI to deliver the hyper-personalization in video marketing that customers demand. Will it have the ability to produce a video from us from start to finish? 

Yes. It's already happening.

For now, we are using the data 

We know more about customers than ever before. AI tools and analytics have revolutionized how we obtain data. Marketers leverage this information to reach our target audiences and truly connect with them. 

The content we produce is directly influenced by how the visuals will make the prospect feel, how the color palette evokes certain emotions, and how the music sets the brand tone. AI has provided valuable insight into creating video content our target audience connects with. The content we are seeing? 

We created it with OUR collective minds. Crazy isn't it? 

Risk vs. reward

The future of AI is as exciting as it is scary.

AI is gaining traction in becoming more realistic and customizable. As we garner insights, we connect with prospects on a more customized and personable level. 

But is it ethical?

If you are on social media, you know there are ads. You take responsibility on every platform, knowing you expose yourself to targeted advertising.

The positive? With customization, we avoid seeing content we don't want to see. I remember being on Facebook on seeing irrelevant ads that bored me. Am I relieved to see less of that and more of what I like? Definitely.

The downside is seeing more of what I like (we can never win, can we?) and where ethics are questionable. Solutions are ahead, but until then, consumers should demand a balance, and marketers should give it to them.

What we think

We are education marketers. We take pride in producing inspirational content that drives people to achieve their dreams. After all, education is knowledge, and knowledge is power. 

You are bound to respond emotionally when content speaks directly to you. It is up to the person behind the screen to make the right decision and control their impulse to buy. 

AI in video marketing is evolving at a rapid pace. You can ignore the data and the tools at your disposal, or you can dive head-first into the powerful impact video marketing can have on the success of your campaign. 

As education marketers, we embrace the future and hope ethics will reign to pave a brighter tomorrow. Curated content means we can filter out the rubbish and connect our audiences with inspiring content. As education marketers, we commit to that. 

As a consumer - choose wisely. 

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