BSC Education

Find out how BSC Education achieved over 4,500 highly engaged leads from paid channels at 3.63 GBP per lead, and how their ads garnered over 20 million impressions for a CPM of 0.79 GBP

Say hello to BSC Education

BSC approached us in December 2021, with high aspirations to increase their rankings and market positioning. As a school with legacy status, they decided to instead, start from scratch! 

Instead of hiring an in-house team straight away, they saw the benefit in working alongside a team of education marketing experts to help them get started. To achieve their KPIs, a holistic approach would need to be taken, including everything from paid advertising and organic campaigns, as well as the implementation of marketing automation and CRM implementation, with the end goal being to increase engagement and source high-quality leads for optimal conversion rates. We identified the target personas and established an email nurture sequence to customize content for various leads. We also optimized content for each platform to increase quality and engagement.  

The who

BSC Education is an international English school that has provided educational training to people globally. Their leading vision has changed lives and furthered the opportunities of those who have studied with them. Through their mission and values, they aim to make a positive difference to each one of their students, clients, and agents. Their slogan, "Great Things Start Here", encapsulates this goal and outlines their commitment to educational excellence. 

The challenge 

Page clicks were high - but conversion rates were low. The challenge was quickly whittled down to the why?

And so our tests and calibrations began. BSC has a rich history and tremendous value to offer, but they were losing high-quality leads that should be converting - at hello. Because we were promoting a course to learn English, we quickly hypothesized that users might not be able to understand the landing pages because they weren't in their native language. With that in mind, we launched multiple campaigns, in various languages. We also saw that multiple pixels had been integrated on various sites, meaning the pixels likely collected poor-quality data and were not optimizing delivery well.

The solution 

Work smarter, not more expensive.

As a test run, we created localized Arabic versions of all assets: landing pages, an email follow-up sequence, and ad creatives. The result? Language localization led to a drop in CPL in Saudi Arabia, from 6.78 GBP to 3.85 GBP, a reduction of 43.2%. The conversion rate of Arabic pages increased from 1.37% to 4.84% (a 2.5x increase). The email nurture sequence in Arabic also had a 9.4% increase in open rate and a 10% increase in click-through rate. We noticed that the conversion rates for the MOFU landing pages were low; the pages were getting clicks, but leads weren’t signing up effectively. The original signup form appeared as a pop-up modal for each location, so we moved it to the top of the page, where it is always visible. This small change increased the conversion rate of the landing page by 14x.

“The beauty of digital marketing is that you can get numbers and data on almost everything you're doing (assuming you have the right set-up). But the downside is sometimes having too much data available makes it easy to get lost in the numbers. Having data is only useful when you know what it means and what to do with it. We are fortunate enough to be in a position to provide insights as well as data, educating our clients while helping them achieve their goals."

- Derrick Kwa, Paid Social Manager 

The numbers 

While we love the beginning of a client relationship, yielding results is our passion and part of our commitment to our clients.  

Based on a 5-month campaign, we did big things for BSC.

  • Our ads garnered 20,847,177 impressions, for a CPM of 0.79 GBP compared to the direct industry average of 1.8 GBP
  • We achieved 4556 leads from Paid Channels, at 3.63 GBP per lead
  • The leads were highly engaged and extremely cost-effective
  • Our nurture sequence emails had an average open rate of 34.53% and a click-through rate of 10.59%
  • Of the leads that went through the nurture sequence, 42% opened at least 3 emails
  • 6.76% of paid leads filled up multiple forms

What’s next? 

The collaboration and success we have achieved progressed in a relatively short time. At Pink Orange, we are confident that our marketing strategy will reinforce BSC's vision as we build a sustainable plan to increase high-quality leads.

Marketing is an ever-changing animal, but with our expertise in education marketing, we can use technology to guarantee longevity and success. We have a talented team that understands the education marketing process, having studied the thought process behind every student's move. We are with BSC at every step of their journey to make English accessible to everyone, opening doors for students to access the world.